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Excellent Doctor

Dr. Bogdan is one of the best pain management doctors in the tri-state area. He is a doctor who realy cares about his patients pain. Dr Bogdan has the best bedside mannor that I have ever seen. He cares, he really cares. He gets fantastic results in the speciality of pain management.

-Maria R.

Great Doctor

The Doctor spent sufficient time with me, explained everything, was very professional and had a good personality. Staff was very helpful.Irecommend dr.Bogdan

-Anna Belak

Caring Doctor

Dr. Bogdan has a sense of humour which makes it very easy to get comfortable when he's doing the procedure on you. I have not been a patient for a long time but, his staff treat you as if you are part of the group. I like all of them. They are very professional and compassionate.

-M. A. M.

Caring Doctor

Doctor Bogdan is one of the most caring, attentive and compassionate doctors I have ever met. He answered all my questions and used a skeleton mannequin to help me understand him better. During the procedure he spoke to me to ease away my stress. A couple of days later a medical assistant called me back to find out how I was feeling (this made me under care even when outside the office). The treatment Dr. Bogdan provided helped to alleviate my pain, and his advises for future help me to prevent it from coming back. In addition, the office is very clean, staff is very friendly and courteous.

-Tamara Zasyedatel

Dear Dr. Bogdan,
THANK you Dr BOGDAN for the treatments you give me, to HAVE the confidence, be ABLE to get up on stage, and walk and SING!!! with absolutely (NO PAIN). You are definitely the BEST PAIN, COMPASSIONATE, MANAGEMENT DOCTOR EVER


-Beverly B

Dear Dr. Bogdan,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for everything you have done for me in controlling my pain. You are a very caring, understanding, and informative doctor.
I came to you over six years ago in total distress due to pain in my back and right leg. Your diligence in making my quality of life better each and every visit was not taken lightly, I appreciated everything you did.
You understood my pain and your insight for me to get a Medtronic’s Pain Controlling device again was very successful. Since then, I am able to enjoy my quality of life without being in pain.
Your office staff is a great asset to this practice. They make you feel relaxed and feel comfortable. They are very efficient and accommodating to patients. I have developed a strong relationship with the staff and feel very comfortable recommending your practice to many of my friends and family.

-Henry B.